Bromantane Reviews: Is It a Worthy Nootropic?

Bromantane Reviews: Is It a Worthy Nootropic?

Bromantane (aka Adamantylbromphenylamine, aka Ladasten) is a Soviet “miracle potion” that gives football players, biathletes, and other athletes extraordinary power and endurance. At least, it was used for this aim till 1996 when it was banned by anti-doping agencies among sportsmen.

By and large, no one has proven that Bromantane is a doping substance. It is an immunoprotector that helps resist infections and cope with physical stress. The substance was included in the list of prescribed medications only because its metabolites make it difficult to identify many banned substances, including testosterone.

Currently, Bromantane is classified as a nootropic as it accelerates cognitive and physical activities. Aside from that, it relieves tiredness, addresses signs of anxious disorder and hypochondria, and supports cognition. Continue reading to find out more!

Bromantane: Overview

As we said, Bromantane is a brain-supporting agent (stated differently – nootropic). It aims at supporting cognitive abilities, boosting physical performance, and fighting tiredness. Also, it may improve move control.

The substance is frequently used to treat nervous breakdowns. People suffering from neurataxia complain of fatigue, torpidity, and mood swings after even slight physical exercise and mental endeavours. Bromantane effectively relieves these signs. [R]

Another significant plus is that the nootropic doesn’t develop tolerance. Various pieces of research have demonstrated that Bromantane doesn’t provoke any significant negative reactions. [R] Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean the nootropic doesn’t possess any side reactions at all. Thus, Bromantane is not suggested to be consumed at nighttime as it could disturb your sleep/wake cycle. In rare cases, it may provoke mind fog.


Bromantane offers the next pros:

  1. Enhancing Mental & Physical Activity

Bromantane is scientifically proven to restore energy and enhance the overall physical performance of its users. In one uncontrolled trial, adynamia sufferers with abnormally low levels of energy were taking Bromantane just for 3 days, and that was enough to improve their symptoms. [R]

  1. Immunity Boost

The nootropic helps promote immunity. It regulates the generation of B cells responsible for producing defensive proteins and enhances the circulation of activated antibodies within the organism. Thus, it ensures better protection against microorganisms. [R]

  1. Brain Function Enhancement

Bromantane participates in dopamine’s (DA) release, helping to regulate different brain functions like motivation, decision-making, movement control, etc. [R] Due to DA boost, the nootropic also promotes alertness and awakening, beneficially influences working and long-term memory. [R]

  1. Mood Improvement

Bromantane promotes the absorption of 5-hydroxytryptamine (Serotonin), a hormonal factor known for improving mood, ensuring the feeling of wellness, and making people generally happy. It doesn’t imply the nootropic raises the amount of the mentioned hormone. It just prevents its reuptake, thus, maintaining Serotonin current levels in the cerebrum. [R]

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Effect

A regular intake of Bromantane alleviates chronic inflammation and eases its symptoms. Based on 2 separate studies, the nootropic lowers the levels of IL-6, IL-17, and IL-4, 3 proteins that may provoke an inflammatory state. [R] [R]

  1. Heat Stroke Prevention

Basically, soldiers on duty, sportsmen, or those who work out in the gym on a regular basis are at a high risk of overheating. With the assistance of Bromantane, it’s possible to make a body more resistible to overheating. [R]

Adverse Reactions to Bromantane

As far as we know, there are no serious adverse reactions to Bromantane. Plus, it doesn’t build up a tolerance. And all the working effects are long-lasting, so there won’t be any withdrawal syndrome signs after nootropic discontinuation. [R]

Bromantane Reviews: Is It a Worthy Nootropic?

In animal studies, side reactions were noticed only at really high doses (more than 600 mg/kg). Sickness, gastric disturbance, increased urination, and reflux were the most common. With lower dosing (ranging from 30 to 300 mg per kg), animals didn’t suffer from any negative symptoms. [R]

Still, you need to understand that Bromantane isn’t 100% risk-free. Some consumers claim to experience mind fog, tiredness, and hypochondria. Always be sure to take the nootropic first thing in the morning (preferably – during a meal).

How Does It Work?

Based on animal trials, Bromantane stimulates hippocampus performance, thus supporting remembering and learning abilities. [R] Also, this nootropic exhibits mild neuroplegic properties: it alleviates anxious disorder, calms the nerves, and relaxes muscles.

In addition, Bromantane promotes immunity. One study has demonstrated that this brain-enhancing product regulates the generation of B-cells in charge of producing defensive proteins and enhances the circulation of activated antibodies within the organism. [R]

Last but not least, Bromantane influences DA and 5-hydroxytryptamine levels in the brain. Thus, the nootropic boosts awakening and alertness, ensures a feeling of happiness and overall wellness.

Dose Guideline for Bromantane

Being an unregulated substance, Bromantane has no specific guideline for dosing. Therefore, it’s essential to consult an attending physician before taking it.

According to consumers’ reviews, the baseline nootropic dosage is between 50 and 100 mg daily. Follow this dosing and see how your body will react to it. If you are struggling with some side effects, lower the dosage.

People involved in sports (both professional and amateur) might need higher doses (the minimum of 100 mg on a day-to-day basis). Animal trials have demonstrated that a dose of up to three hundred mg a day is safe. It doesn’t provoke any adverse reactions. Still, it is advisable not to use more than 1,000 mg of the substance on a daily basis. It might develop tolerance and cause withdrawal symptoms in the future.


Where to Find Bromantane?

Bromantane can be purchased through Science Bio with a 1-month full refund guarantee provided.

Is This Nootropic Secure?

Yes! Bromantane exhibits no significant side effects or addictive potential. Plus, there will be no withdrawal syndrome after you discontinue using the nootropic.

How Long Is Bromantane Metabolized?

The substance is metabolized and remains in the body for about 2 weeks after the last use.

Can One Take It Daily?

Up to 300 mg of Bromantane is a safe daily dosage. In animal studies, it’s been demonstrated that taking no more than the indicated amount on a regular basis doesn’t cause adverse reactions.

Final Words

Bromantane is meant for supporting mental state, promoting physical activity, improving move control, and restoring energy levels. Along with that, this nootropic lowers the risk of overheating and, consequently, heat strokes. Another benefit is that Bromantane is completely secure (if you follow the recommended dosage (no more than 300 mg a day)) and doesn’t result in any adverse effects.

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