DMHA Reviews: Better Physical Performance?

DMHA Reviews: Better Physical Performance?

DMHA (also called dimethylamylamine) was originally created as a solution for addressing stuffiness in the nose. Eventually, it became one of the most common ingredients of numerous energy and strength-boosting supplements.

The drug is mainly used by bodybuilders. The main reason for that is that DMHA boosts physical performance, promotes weight loss and fat burning, and improves focus. It gives additional strengths and elevates energy to perform better during workouts.

In this review, you will find out everything you need to know about dimethylamylamine, ranging from the product’s adverse reactions to healthful effects. We will compare the substance to DMAA. So, keep reading not to miss anything!

DMHA: What Is This?

DMHA is classified as a strength-boosting and fat-burning medication. It assists its users in enhancing their mental and physical performance, reducing brain fog and tiredness, and image improvement.

DMHA was originally created in the middle of the 20th century as a solution for addressing stuffiness in nose. Eventually, it became one of the most common ingredients of numerous energy and strength-boosting supplements. [R]

The substance of dimethylamylamine is 100% organic. Nevertheless, most drugs and supplements containing DMHA are manufactured in laboratories. The most obvious reason is that synthetic substance is easier and cheaper to produce. Also, lab-made DMHA is proven to be less toxic and is studied more.

How Does It Work?

The action of DMHA is connected to the accumulation of neuromediators (dopamine, norepinephrine) in the synapses of the CNS. An increase in the concentration of biogenic amines in the cerebrum is accompanied by an exacerbation of perception, arousal, an improvement in mood, and an increase in physical and mental performance. An increase in the concentration of mediators in the centers of the spinal cord leads to preactivation of motor neurons and increased muscle activity.
Chemical changes at the tissue level lead to the following effects of DMHA, which are highly valued not only in strength sport disciplines, but also in game and cyclic sports:

  • Physical performance is growing, tolerance to aerobic and power loads is increasing.
  • The intensity of training increases.
  • The amount of training load increases.
  • Mood improves, motivation for super-efficient and intense training increases.
  • Perception and focus are sharpened, the athlete is fully concentrated on each exercise.

Talking about the effect of DMHA on strength and mass, one can point out an increase in strength and an indirect effect on muscle growth. These effects are achieved due to the preactivation of motor neurons of the spinal cord and simplification of the inclusion of high-threshold motor units (fast-twitch muscle fibers with maximum growth and strength potential) into the work. This effect makes DMHA popular in strength sports and bodybuilding.
The effect of DMHA on fat burning is equally important. Studies have shown that after taking the drug, the rate of lipolysis (fat burning) increases by 169%. At the same time, the intensity of the main metabolism increases by 35%; calorie expenditure remains elevated for 24 hours. These effects of dimethylamylamine are especially in demand during cutting and weight loss. [R]


DMAA (methylhexanamine, 1,3-dimethylamylamine) and DMHA (octodrine, 2-aminoisoheptane) are synthetic substances that are widely used in many sports as central stimulants. The mechanism of action is associated with the accumulation of excitatory mediators in the nervous system and an increase in the activity of the centers of the spinal cord and brain. In bodybuilding, DMAA and DMHA are also used as fat burners during the drying and detailing stages. Amateur athletes use these substances to lose weight and improve body composition.
The first to appear on the sports nutrition market was DMAA, known to many under the synonymous names geranamine or geranium oil extract. Since in many countries, 1,3-dimethylamylamine is included in the list of potent psychotropic drugs, the free circulation of which is prohibited, manufacturers of pre-workout complexes and fat burners excluded this substance from products and replaced it with a legal analogue – aminoisoheptane, or DMHA, also known as Octodrine.

The main difference between the popular components of pre-workouts and fat burners is in their legal status. If DMAA is a prohibited drug while DMHA can be purchased and taken without any legal risk.
There are minor differences in the chemical structure, as for the origin of substances – it is identical. DMAA and DMHA are produced synthetically in chemical plants. There are natural sources of DMAA and DMHA, but isolating the active ingredients from natural raw materials is not economically viable.

Main Advantages

Proven DMHA benefits include:

  1. Energy Boost

DMHA restores the level of energy by increasing neuromediators’ uptake in the brain. Once crossed the hematoencephalic barrier, it stimulates the production of norepinephrine and dopamine, both of which promote alertness and focus. [R]

  1. Focus Enhancement

In animal trials, DMHA exhibits focus-supporting properties. In about 15-30 minutes after intake, this drug elevates mental alertness, boosts concentration, ensures a feeling of overall wellness. [R]

  1. Weight Loss Promotion

DMHA is known for promoting the process of thinning away. It reduces appetite, manages food cravings, and prevents fat accumulation. Numerous consumers also credit dimethylamylamine for making them more motivated to stick to their diet plans.

  1. Motivation Boost

DMHA elevates the dopamine content in the encephalon and, consequently, influences motivation. DA is directly connected to inspiration and incentivization. Specialists have proved that high DA levels allow people to insist on achieving their objectives. [R]

  1. Pain Tolerance Increase

In many users, dimethylamylamine elevates their pain threshold by regulating the uptake of norepinephrine. The latter is proven to alleviate pain and prevent the chronic pain syndrome. [R]

  1. Physical Performance Boost

Unfortunately, there are no human studies to verify such an effect of DMHA. Still, taking into account other properties of the drug and numerous users’ comments, dimethylamylamine does improve overall physical performance and gives motivation to exercise more.

DMHA: Dosing & Usage

As we said, there are no human studies evaluating dimethylamylamine effects. Consequently, there is no specific guideline for taking it. In this regard, we can only rely on consumers’ feedback and general recommendations.

DMHA Reviews: Better Physical Performance?

You need to consider the type of DMHA. If it’s synthetic (2-amino-6-methyl-heptane), the most effectual dose is 100mln grams. Organic DMHA (2-amino-5-methyl-heptane) should be taken in no more than 75 milligrams a day. Though the latter is more powerful, you are unlikely to find it on the market.

Take the drug approximately half an hour before your workout. This time will be enough for the substance to be absorbed in the bloodstream and provide all the beneficial effects. Also, don’t take dimethylamylamine in the early evening or just before going to bed. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to fall asleep.

Possible Side Reactions

As long as DMHA is not taken with alcohol and not combined with high doses of other central stimulants, Octodrine is a safe substance. Independent experiments have shown that at the recommended doses, it does not affect the pulse rate, does not adversely affect the function of the liver or kidneys. Blood pressure does not increase after taking DMHA, an increase in blood pressure is observed only when the stimulant is used together with alcohol or a huge amount of caffeine.
Just as importantly, DMHA does not interfere with hormonal balance. Octodrine does not affect the production of sex hormones, does not increase the activity of thyroid, pancreatic or adrenal hormones. Metabolic shifts that contribute to a rapid improvement in body composition are achieved solely by stimulating metabolic processes at the level of the nervous system.


Where to Find DMHA-containing Products?

100% pure DMHA dietary powder of the highest quality can be found on the Science Bio website. The vendor not only makes all the third-party lab reports available to the public but also ensures a 1-month full refund guarantee.

Is DMHA Banned?

The substance is banned for sporting use only. As a dietary supplement, it can be legally purchased and possessed.

How Long Does It Take to Feel DMHA Effects?

Approximately half an hour after the intake, you start experiencing dimethylamylamine effects. 15 to 40 minutes are usually enough for the substance to be absorbed in the bloodstream and provide all the beneficial effects

To Conclude

DMHA is one of the most popular and effective fat-burning and image-improving complexes marketed. Even at minimal doses, it provides a whole host of health-giving advantages. If you’d like to try the dimethylamylamine dietary powder, we suggest you buy it from the official vendor – Science Bio. Purchasing the dietary supplement through the website, you are guaranteed a 1-month 100% refund.

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