Flmodafinil Review

Flmodafinil Reviews: Comparison to Modafinil: Which Is More Worthy?

In 1998, Modafinil was finally recognized as an effective nootropic medication to address narcoleptic syndrome and somnipathy associated with shift work. Approved by the U.S. government, the substance has gained huge popularity among office employees and college undergraduates. And reports about Barack Obama using Modafinil to address jet lags boosted the nootropic reputability to another level.

Nevertheless, there’s one significant drawback – Modafinil can be purchased only on prescription. It implies nootropic users have to search for an effectual substitute. That’s where Flmodafinil comes to the rescue.

Its consumers note that Flmodafinil is a highly potential remedy that could be in competition with its predecessor. To start with, the former remains in the organism at least an hour longer. With a higher biological availability, it’s easily absorbed and can intrench upon less time to act on the overall well-being. Want more details? Keep reading!

Flmodafinil: Basic Information

Flmodafinil is a more enhanced variant of Modafinil. It’s quite similar to its lead in terms of the formula. The key dissimilarity is the plussage of 2 fluoride atoms – on this basis, the Flmodafinil name has appeared. The nootropic can also be searched by titles of Provigil, lauflumide, and a few more. [R]

Basically, Flmodafinil is the result of four decades of research into brain-enhancers and smart medications. By the end of the 20th century, French scientists formulated medicine that could resolve various sleep disorders. Once metabolized, it turned into a chemical, later called Modafinil. Further research of the substance demonstrated that it not only alleviated symptoms related to difficulty sleeping and insomnia but also restored energy levels, helped users to stay focused and attentive, improved their mood, and boosted endeavor.

Very these pros convinced many distributors to sell the medication under different names. Meanwhile, the chemical Modafinil continued to be researched. In 2013, a powerful derivative, Flmodafinil, was taken out a patent for. The product is claimed to ensure all the advantages of a triple dose of caffeine, excepting that it doesn’t provoke anxious feelings that can be often observed after huge methyl theobromine hit. [R]

Health Properties and Adverse Reactions

Talking about Flmodafinil pros, we can point out the next:

  • The nootropic promotes alertness and attention.
  • It fights fatigue.
  • Flmodafinil eases hyperactivity and impulsiveness.
  • It reduces brain fog.
  • This remedy elevates motivation.

Adverse reactions include the following:

  • Anxious disorder
  • Indigestion
  • Nasal stuffiness

Take note all the mentioned adverse effects occur due to overdose. Using Flmodafinil at low or moderate dosages won’t cause such reactions.

Flmodafinil: A Closer Look at the Nootropic Pros

Unfortunately, there are not enough clinical trials to draw a conclusion about Fmodafinil benefits. Here, we can rely mainly on consumers’ feedback who use the product for treating sleep disorders, enhancing cognition, addressing mood swings, and ensuring wakefulness.

Flmodafinil: A Closer Look at the Nootropic Pros

Here are some advantages of Flmodafinil:

  • Wakefulness Promotion

Dyssomnia (or wakefulness) is a vital brain condition. It allows a person to stay alert about the things happening around and makes solution-taking easier. [R] Wakefulness promotion is due to the build-up of DA in the encephalon. This neuromediator allows you to stay awake by decreasing sleep hormone levels.

  • Cognition Boost

Modafinil has been demonstrated to beneficially influence memory. This substance might also support critical thinking, solution-taking, object identification, and subjective wellness. All these mentally beneficial factors are vital for people suffering from abnormally low energy levels or sleep deprivation. [R]

  • Fatigue Reduction

Based on numerous studies, Modafinil decreases exhaustion among those who lack sleep, suffer from various types of cancer and disseminated sclerosis. This substance may also ease sleepiness during the daytime. [R] Flmodafinil is working roughly the same. It also aims at brain activity and raises the DA content. Still, no human subject research has been released to the public yet.

  • Motivation Enhancement

Flmodafinil elevates the dopamine content in the encephalon and, consequently, influences motivation. DA is directly connected to inspiration and incentivization. Specialists have proved that high DA levels allow people to insist on achieving their objectives. [R]

  • ADHD Treatment

Modafinil is proven to reduce attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms like superactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity. In one trial, 246 volunteers got treatment with the mentioned chemical. 48% of participants experienced significant improvement in their health condition. [R]

Of course, a few adverse effects came into the picture. Most often, side reactions were moderate and reversible. It implies once the Food & Drug Administration approves Flmodafinil, the substance could be used to treat ADHD eventually.

  • Aggression Reduction

This is the only Flmodafinil property that differentiates it from Modafinil. The substance easily deals with aggression. It acts as an inhibitor that soothes the nerves. [R]

  • Productiveness Boost

Flmodafinil is a usual nootropic agent capable of raising productiveness levels. It keeps you full of energy and makes you more motivated to achieve your everyday goals.

Adverse Reactions

High dosage or overdose of Flmodafinil may result in:

  • anxious disorder;
  • indigestion (diarrhea and/or constipation);
  • nasal stuffiness;
  • dizziness.

Apart from that, the lack of sufficient data means we can’t know for sure how Flmodafinil interacts with other medicines. Therefore, it’s recommended to consult an attending physician before consuming the nootropic.

Last but not least, refrain from taking Flmodafinil with alcoholic drinks and do not abuse substances. Many customers have experienced blackouts mixing alcohol with the substance.

Flmodafinil: The Way of Action

Flmodafinil acts on the cerebrum in particular by elevating the production of dopamine (also referred to as DA) – a neuromediator that serves as an important part of the encephalon’s “reward system”, stimulates and focuses a person on productive activity. [R]

Flmodafinil can be distinguished from Modafinil by a more powerful effect: it remains 40% longer in the organism and breaks down quicker. Based on scientific facts we’ve managed to find, the average dosing of the nootropic makes users less “trigger-happy” and elevates their focus. Flmodafinil also helps overcome such health conditions as sleep disorders related to work in shifts, narcoleptic syndrome, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and cognitive dysfunction induced by sleep deprivation. [R]

Comparison with Modafinil

To be objective, both products share many similarities. Thus, they are similar in their structure, and therefore, exhibit the same qualities. Both substances influence one’s level of concentration, restore the energy level, promote awakening, and fight fatigue. And if you’re suffering from a lack of sleep, taking either of these medications might enhance your overall feeling.

Yet, there are some differences. Let’s begin with the medical status. In distinction from its predecessor, which is available on prescription only, Flmodafinil is considered a chemical still being researched. So, one can easily buy it as reference material. Apart from that, the derivative is more powerful than Modafinil, remains in the organism for longer periods and, thus, is suggested at lower doses.

Flmodafinil Dosage

As a rule, it’s recommended to take no more than a hundred mg of the nootropic on a daily basis. In some cases, it’s even allowed to take 150 mg. The substance isn’t body weight dependent and targets only a specific part of the brain.

If you’re using Flmodafinil mainly for supporting your cognition and productivity, consume the nootropic first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. To avoid adverse effects, you can administer 100 mg of the substance with a bit of methyl theobromine (coffee, to put it simply).

During night work, use Flmodafinil 15-30 minutes before the start of your shift. Approximately by its end, you wouldn’t feel any pronounced chemical effects and will be able to quickly drop asleep. Otherwise, you may interrupt your sleep/wake cycle.


Is Flmodafinil just another name of Modafinil?

They are not the same nootropics. They have dissimilar structures and bioavailability (the enhanced formula is easily absorbed by the organism).

Is Flmodafinil legitimate?

Flmodafinil is a reference material that can be easily ordered for experimental purposes from the Science Bio website. The vendor ensures a 1-month full refund guarantee and a 10% discount for the purchase with a voucher code (visit the official website for more details).


Flmodafinil provides a whole host of health advantages. Consumers credit the nootropic mainly for restoring energy exchange, awakening promotion, and boosting their productiveness. But you need to keep in mind that there is no scientific evidence that can prove these healthful qualities.

If you’ve read this article till the end and find Flmodafinil the right choice for your needs, you could buy the nootropic from Science Bio and get a 1-month full refund guarantee. Plus, the vendor can ship the product within 24 hours if you pick US Priority delivery.


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