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Nitro Strength Reviews: #1 to Increase Your Testosterone?

Many of us would like to have a good and athletic body that makes us more attractive and confident. Taken as a whole, both men and women want to have a good physique, however, men are even more concerned about their physical shape. Perhaps, this men’s desire stems from many factors, among which self-fulfillment and social position can be named as the most prominent ones. In many cases, men put much effort into achieving a good physical condition even if it takes much time and sweat. And it is not without the influence of bodybuilding and fitness sports, which came to prominence at the end of the last century.

Indeed, those who work out regularly know the price and pleasure of achieving new highs in improving your physicality and the unmatched feeling of accomplishment it brings. And those men also know about other benefits that regular physical exercise bring besides the good looks: higher overall energy level, better immunity, improved mental activity and focus, higher resistance to stress, better sexual performance, etc. These additional benefits may for some men even surpass the advantage of looking athletic and being more attractive.
However, notwithstanding all the advantages that a good physique provides men, the key factor is that it is not that easy to achieve. Many men strive to get in better shape, but despite their laborious attempts, they fail. Thus, the Nitro Strength supplement was designed to address just that problem and give many of you the much-needed boost in improving your bodies.

What is Nitro Strength?

This product is a dietary supplement for increasing men’s physical and sexual performance. Owing to its modern formula, the Nitro Strength supplement is capable of increasing your testosterone and maintaining it at a high level. In general, the supplement relates to so-called testosterone boosters, which as the name implies, make your body produce more testosterone that results in achieving a better physical condition.

One thing that men, especially amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts may often forget, or even not realize is that the key to muscle growth and strength progression for all athletes is the proper recovery and the way the body responds to physical training. That is why testosterone production and its influence on men’s body, which is crucial for muscle growth, is often underestimated. Being a blend of natural ingredients, Nitro Strength enables better testosterone production in your body and thus makes your body better respond to physical training. This translates into a bigger lean muscle mass you can gain and better muscle definition to look better, as well as greater strength and stamina to make your workouts more exciting and intense. However, with Nitro Strength, you can not only cut time before your sets in the gym but between your joyrides in bed as high testosterone greatly improves men’s sexual activity.

How Nitro Strength Works?

Nitro Strength dietary supplement provides your body with the elements to boost the production of testosterone hormone to maintain your overall well-being and numerous metabolic processes, in which this hormone is highly involved in men. In general, the main effects that testosterone produces on the male body can be divided into anabolic and androgenic. Though the main target in achieving a higher muscle mass and better definition are the anabolic effects of testosterone, these effects are tightly connected with the androgenic ones. The testosterone anabolic effects enable the increase of muscle tissue and bone density, in their turn the androgenic effects in men, such as voice deepening and body hair growth, manifest themselves in higher sex drive and increased libido.

Normally, testosterone is produced in males in amounts sufficient to maintain both adequate sexual arousal and physical strength. However, as men grow older, their testosterone level begins to decrease. Lower testosterone production occurs as the function of the organ, which produces about 95% of the total testosterone amount in men, testes, deteriorates with age. According to some research, depending on the individual, after the age of 30 men exhibit a 2-4% drop in testosterone level every year. Obviously, the older one gets the more important this issue becomes as such symptoms as decreased libido and spontaneous erections, as well as erectile dysfunction, begin to emerge and get worse. The condition characterized by these symptoms in men is called late-onset hypogonadism or LOH for short. In terms of fitness, it means the degradation of physical strength and muscle mass.

Luckily, with Nitro Strength, you can significantly slow down or even revert this process. This modern supplement has ingredients that significantly improve your testosterone production. After taking a quickly digestible capsule of the supplement its components permeate your bloodstream in a very short time and start to work. Nitro Strength’s main components, nitric oxide, and L-arginine, together with the supporting ingredients trigger the generation of free testosterone in your body with peak levels achieved in about an hour.

What is Nitro Strength Made Of?

To learn why Nitro Strength’s formula allows achieving such a powerful effect, let’s look at the product ingredients a bit closer. The formula of this testosterone-boosting supplement includes the following ingredients.

Nitric Oxide


Nitric oxide or NO for short is a molecule that plays a very important role in the life activities of a huge number of biological organisms ranging from bacteria to animals, including humans. The NO is called a signaling molecule because it carries the signals to cells in our body. Being able to diffuse freely across cell membranes the nitric oxide molecules establish the communication between our cells informing specific cells to start various processes required for their vital functions. Thus, serving as messengers, the NO molecules particularly tell human cells when to start a protein synthesis process, which is crucial for gaining muscle mass and respond to physical loads.

Nitric oxide molecules are known to have a lifetime of only a few seconds, thus, they need to be present in our body at the right time and in sufficient amounts to maintain a proper recovery after a training session, which results in building the muscle mass and strength growth. That’s why the NO is included in the Nitro Strength’s formula. To reiterate, testosterone is produced in the male body for building muscle mass, therefore nitric oxide serves as an important supporting ingredient of the supplement.

Citrulline Malate


Citrulline is an amino-acid, which can be found in various foods, including watermelon. It is an important product of the biological process called nitric oxide synthase. During the nitric oxide synthase occurring in our body another amino acid called L-arginine is turned into citrulline in the presence of nitric oxide molecules, which is also included in the Nitro Strength supplement. Simply speaking, citrulline is a raw material for the production of arginine or L-arginine amino acid that plays an important role in protein synthesis (muscle growth).



As it was mentioned, L-arginine is one of the key amino acids for the biosynthesis of proteins in our organism. Though it is classified as a conditionally essential amino acid, which means it can be produced in our body from other amino acids, for men doing intensive exercises regularly it is a very welcome addition to the ration as the recovery from high physical loads demands an increased amount of building material for muscles. Further, arginine also plays an important role in such processes as cell division and removing ammonia from the body (very useful for the boosted metabolism of athletes), and, which is even more important, the release of hormones. As so much needed for men testosterone is also a hormone, the presence of L-arginine supplied in Nitro Strength provides its proper release and thus physical progress in building a better male body.

Zinc Oxide


This oxide is added to the Nitro Strength formula for its antibacterial properties and ability to assist in healing skin cuts and wounds, which people doing physical exercises often suffer from.

Vitamin B12


This widely used in food supplements vitamin functions as a coenzyme, which means that its presence is necessary for various enzyme-catalyzed reactions. In particular, Vitamin B12 is important for amino acid metabolism that, in its turn, is closely related to protein synthesis and muscle growth in our body.

Tribulus Terrestris


According to some research, this annual plant is capable of increasing testosterone levels in men and possesses some strength-enhancing properties.

Arginine AKG


Arginine AKG is a salt of the arginine amino acid and alpha-ketoglutaric acid. Arginine AKG is also widely used as a bodybuilding supplement. This salt is included in Nitro Strength as a supporting ingredient.

How to Use Nitro Strength?

Nitro Strength is used daily, starting from two capsules a day. At the begging of the course, it is recommended to take one supplement capsule about an hour before your training session and the other capsule in the evening. If after some time of Nitro Strength use you start to experience no progress in muscle growth and strength improvement, you can increase the dosage to three capsules a day.

Please, remember to keep your maximum supplement dosage at four capsules a day to avoid any potential adverse effects.

Nitro Strength is not recommended for men under 18 years as they have a high natural testosterone level. This supplement is most effective for men of 30 years and above.


All men want to have a good physical shape and high sexual performance. However, there are some factors that may prevent them from achieving the desired results in maintaining good physical condition and experience sexual drive. The low testosterone level is one of the most common of such factors. The natural production of testosterone drops due to the changes related to age or other external negative impacts.
Nitro Strength natural supplement is a solution to this problem, which is now available to every man. When used regularly, this physical and sexual performance booster increases your testosterone level and enables a dramatic improvement in your physical condition and training experience at almost any age. Nitro Strength dietary supplement allows you to look and feel healthier as well as enjoy better sexual life despite the age-related changes in your body.

Nitro Strength













  • Effective formula that combines natural ingredients, vitamins and salts
  • Delivers a quick testosterone-production boost
  • Easy to use and control the dosage
  • Provides no adverse effects when used in recommended dosages
  • Affordable price


  • Available in limited amounts for one-time purchases
  • Not recommended for men under 18.

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