The disease professional cyclists

The disease professional cyclists

Diseases of the cyclist
The health of a cyclist, both professional and amateur, always depends on various factors. Many people mistakenly believe that it is enough just to adhere to the correct driving technique, so that there are no health problems. But this is not the case. Read about the most common ailments of cyclists, as well as how to avoid them in our article.

The most common diseases of cyclists

Crepitating tendovaginitis of the Achilles tendon. A frequent companion of long skiing with weighting and inclement weather. The tendon becomes inflamed and makes a sound like snow creaking in the cold;
Deforming arthrosis of the knee joint. Occurs with regular loads on the knees. With osteoarthritis, there is severe pain, the joint begins to swell and sometimes there may be a crunch or creak;
Neuritis of the ulnar nerve (deformity of the nerve in the area of the elbow joint). Appears due to prolonged compression of the bicycle handlebar. Because of this, there is numbness of the hand and a violation of sensitivity. Therefore, professional cyclists regularly change the position of their hands on the steering wheel;
A cyclist’s bad back. It is the result of an incorrect landing;
Neurological diseases of cyclists: neuritis, convulsions and spasms. They can occur at any time, which can cause an accident with serious consequences.
To ensure that your health does not fail at the most inopportune moment, every cyclist must adhere to certain rules:
Remember about the mandatory warm-up before and hitch after training. So you can warm up your muscles and prepare them for physical exertion. Do not forget about the massage. This is a mandatory procedure for athletes;
Always wear a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. They can not guarantee complete safety, but they can reduce the degree of injuries;
Watch your diet. A Well-chosen diet strengthens bone joints and cartilage. Consume adequate amounts of magnesium, potassium and calcium and water;
If you feel uncomfortable, do not continue training. If the pain does not go away for a long time, if there is swelling or inflammation, if the amplitude of movement decreases, immediately consult a doctor. Many injuries without medical treatment can develop into chronic diseases;
Give up bad habits. Professional sports are not compatible with them.
A reminder for the cyclist
Cyclist’s rest

Post-workout massage

intense physical activity always leads to changes in the athlete’s body. even one hard workout can lead to physiological changes, which can significantly reduce performance. that is why it is necessary to carry out rehabilitation activities that will help you recover.

Massage is one of the most important procedures in the life of an athlete. it helps to restore muscle tissue that is damaged during training. Massage reduces the recovery time and allows you to train even more effectively.

Massage reduces the risk of heart disease, which can occur from grueling workouts. Also, the procedure allows you to reduce pain after training or competition.

With regular training, massage treatments should be performed two to three times a week. And a week before the competition, you need to undergo a course of lymphatic drainage massage or pressotherapy to prepare your muscles for stress.

If trips to the massage parlor are difficult to fit into the athlete’s busy schedule, experts recommend buying a home device for pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage. Thanks to it, the necessary procedures can be carried out at any convenient time and in any place. Special five-chamber cuffs for arms, legs, belts and anti-cellulite shorts have a point effect on the body, working out tired muscles.

The Luxury Z-Sport multifunctional device in a black case is designed specifically for athletes. Universal strict design of the massager and cuffs is suitable for both men and women. And the small weight of the device will allow you to easily take it with you to competitions.

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